Polaris College of Nursing

We offer student a four years nursing program. Student will acquire knowledge and skills of nursing from nurses and physicians assigned from the Hoshi General Hospital Foundation. We emphasize the students to have great sense of humanity though learning, practicing and enjoyable events.

šOur school motto:

"koukai-koshu-hokkyokusei (a solitary boat in a rough sea guided by the North Star (Polaris)"
Nurses should be like the Polaris as a guidepost when patients are faced with difficulties.
We are devoted to train kindhearted nurses.

Number of students: 40 in each class

Number of staffs: 18

Polaris College of Nursing

AddressF159-1 Mukaigawara, Koriyama, Fukushima, 963-8501 Japan


Fax: +81-24-983-5011